Company History

Company History

Kaveh Port and Marine Services Company

Kave marine and harbor services Co. was established in 1962 in Khorram-shahr city and was active until 1981 in Imam Khomeini harbor, Abadan Khosro-Abad and Khorram-Shahr berth and boundry region of Shalamcha on harbor operation.

The Co. headquarter in Khorram-Shahr by beginning imposed war in Aug. 1981 was transferred to Shahid Rajaee harbor complex due to necessity to fast unloading many ships waiting to berth in Bandar-Abbas berth and now is active in most of the countries harbors such as Shahid Rajaee harbor, Imam Khomeini harbor, Anzali harbor, Khorram-Shahr harbor, Salafchegan economical special region, Astara harbor and other harbors located at north and south corridor including free region of Jebel Ali (Dubai) and Astara Khan harbor(Russia). Melgonph in his itinerary about 140 years ago wrote ” Astara is a harbor to which 50 ships come from Haji Tar-khan(present Astara Khan) and Bacco and most of their cargo is iron. ” The berth became uncommon at Pahlavi regime until upon Islamic revolution a modern berth began to establish and by exploiting it’s commercial section a great step will be taken in the region economy.


Contract duration and introducing Astara commercial harbor :

Subject to bill No. 16626546895 in 13.dec.2007 the state board submissed acceleration of general policies of principle 44 , harbor and shipping organization in 2010 , development, completion and exploition right to Astara harbor as a commercial harbor, oil and passenger upon an bid as 40 year long term hire to the Kave marine and harbor services Co. on a session in 25.oct.2012 held in Gilan province.


The harbor activity type : goods, oil products, passenger(liner)
Nominal capacity :annually 2.5 t , that 2milion tones are fuel materials and 1.5 milion tones are general crgo.
The harbor area : 55 ha
The harbor total area : 55 ha
The harbor basement area : currently 18 ha that should develop by 22 ha
Open and paved warehouse : 3 ha
Northern bulwark length : 476m
Southern bulwark length :187m
The harbor nominal capacity:3.5 million tones